Controls Software Engineer

Job Details

Department: Software / Programming
Reports to: Software Controls Manager

Job summary

As an Intec Controls Software Engineer, you will be responsible for developing designing and debugging software and machine functions on large control systems. In this role, you will potentially assist in the specification and selection of hardware and work with the design engineering department in this process. As a Software Engineer you will identify how the system needs to function and that all required capabilities can be done with the system as designed. You will develop new logic and modules to support these capabilities. Software development will be done utilizing a combination of Customer Specifications and Intec Best Practices and Standards.

A Software Engineer can work with complex motion systems and understands what is required in an electro-mechanical motion system.

As a Software Engineer you will be the lead on the software development team for any system that is given to you. You will be able to interact with customers on a high level and be able to work with the them in identifying issues in both the control system and mechanical system.

You are a team member and will be called upon to work with and assist the other programmers when they need your help.

Competitive benefits including: vacation, medical, and 401K programs.

Responsibilities/daily tasks

  • Develop software and modules for complex control systems
  • Develop standardized code function blocks and HMI component templates.
  • Create and deliver HMI interfaces that make the equipment easy and intuitive to use, while meeting customer specifications.
  • Capability to assist the Electrical Design department with Electrical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic print designs.
  • Develop software for complex coordinated motion systems.
  • Testing and Debugging of program and equipment functions. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related tasks as needed.
  • Assist programmers with projects when assistance is needed.
  • Develop testing project and benchmarks for new software functionality.
  • Test and review new software development packages and advise for updating.
  • Follows standard Intec procedures for verifying software meets all requirements and that requirements have been tested and verified.
  • Represent Intec Automated Controls on site or on the phone with customers in at the highest level. When required assist customers in specifying the best methods for specific functions.
  • Provide a high level of troubleshooting support for system issues in the field and be able to work along-side customer mechanical support personnel to solve equipment startup issues.
  • Active lead role in the testing of equipment prior to shipment.
  • Assist in developing standards and best practices.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Proven capability in creating and editing controls software at the highest level.
  • Proven knowledge and skill in utilizing Logix5000 and TIA Portal
  • Proven expertise in complex Motion Control and Integration within both Logix5000 and TIA Portal based applications.
  • High level of technical expertise in a wide range of typical control hardware utilized in Intec designs.
  • High level of expertise in PC based HMIs using WinCC RT and Factory Talk View SE.
  • A working knowledge of computer/pc based applications; Visual Studio, VBA, C, C++, C#.
  • Great attention to detail
  • Interpersonal skills and team oriented
  • Conceptual skills and abstract thinking.
  • Problem solving and expertise in troubleshooting
  • Possess a high level of capabilities in computer setup and implementation


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